If the goal is to visit the most beautiful places in the world, then Hong Kong should definitely be a part of a traveler's travel bucket list. There are so many beautiful sights and places in Hong Kong that are definitely worth every penny.

Hong Kong, known as shopper's paradise because it offers products from all over the world, from luxurious goodies to local buys with decent prices. There are also these so-called "sale seasons" which happens twice every year, where the prices become lower and shoppers flood the streets of Hong Kong.

However, Hong Kong is made up of 236 islands, islets, and rocky outcrops. Surely, the city can offer much more than the just awesome shopping experience.

For hikers, the best place to be is the Dragon's Back, one of Hong Kong's best urban hiking trails. The trail looks a lot like the spine of a dragon resting on the grounds of Shek O Country Park.

Sky 100 is a 360-degree viewing deck on the one-hundredth floor of Hong Kong's tallest skyscraper, the International Commerce Center tower. This is for those who would like to experience and take a look at the breathtaking view over Victoria Harbor.

Tie up them boots and get ready to take 268 steps up to the Big Buddha. This is definitely worth a try as the view of the mountains and the seas from the majestic statue of Buddha Shakyamuni is one to remember.

Other than shopping and perfectly worthy places to visit, Hong Kong also offers international cuisine. The city is not called the culinary capital of Asia for nothing. The most mouth-watering and heart melting cuisine can be found in the city, from regional Cantonese food to authentic Asian and Western Cuisine.

The nightlife in Hong Kong is perfect as well for those who like going out and having a drink or just to simply chill. Bars and pubs are mostly around Tsim Sha Tsui, Lan Kwai Fong, and Wan Chai, where the places are filled with pretty lights and mesmerizing views. Tune in on Travelers Today for more travel tips and news.