Traveling can be really helpful to those who are health ad body conscious, other than being to explore the world; one can also improve his health. A whole new year is about to start, and it's the best time to finally take action and get healthy while traveling.

Some might say that it's hard to be in shape while doing other things, little did they know that traveling is one of the most enjoyable ways to get healthy and stay in shape. Here are the things that travelers should do to keep a healthy body while traveling:

Travel and take a swim in the open waters. Swimmers who love going places would actually swim in the open waters and swim for miles and hours. They'd usually take on those challenges such as swimming 21 miles to cross the English Channel, 20 miles of swimming to Catalina Island from Los Angeles and the like.

Lace up those hiking boots and take leg day to a whole new level. Go hiking at Camino De Santiago. The hike will be from the northern Spain to the Christian Pilgrims and up to the shrine of St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. The hike is 500 miles overall, probably the best and the worst leg day ever.

Go on a mountain climbing and climb Japan's tallest mountain, Mt. Fuji. Japan is a wonderful place to go to. But if part of the goal is being able to do something to keep a healthy body, then climbing up on its tallest mountain might just be perfect. According to some, climbing Mt. Fuji is quite achievable even for the average mountain climbers.

Fly to China, travel the amazing places and ancient cities but make sure to run across the famous Great Wall of China. Run for 5,500 miles and bring running to an amazing level - there are different marathons that are being held and travelers definitely do not want to miss this. Check out Travelers Today for more travel news.