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Travel Tips: Five To-Die-For Food Trucks in L.A

Travelers Today       By    Marc Delize

Updated: Dec 29, 2016 04:36 AM EST

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Food trucks
Norway's food trucks offer amazing treats from street food to confectionery delights. If you want to dine at a restaurant, observe some wallet-saving details before going in for the eat!
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There is no shortage of food trucks in Los Angeles, from gourmet options touring the high-priced neighborhoods, to the workaday loncheros serving from sun up to sun down. Below are only 5 of the city's most essential options, those that have become famous inspite of the crowded competiton. These are some of the most highly qualified food trucks one should consider the next time you're searching for a mobile meal in L.A.

The Ta Bom truck serves Brazilian Street food. They are the first and currently the only one that serves original Brazilian street food.

One should try the Coxinha. These are teardrop-shaped treats that start with a filling of shredded chicken and cream cheese, which are wrapped in potatoes, then battered and fried. It comes in 2 types: spicy and original. Each Coxinha costs $3, but you can order 3 with soda for $10, or 6 for $15. Ordering the 6 is recommended for it can easily be re-heated at home. Find out why why these "Coxinhas" are called "little drops of heaven".

Ta Bom is usually open only for lunch and seldom for dinner. For the next 3 days starting Dec. 27, they will have trucks at Grand Ave. Courtyard, at First Financial Plaza, and at Winter Fest. 

Kogi started a food truck craze that swept the country. Its Korean fusion tacos helped bring Los Angeles to the forefront of national culinary landscape.

While some food trucks have come and gone, Roy Choi's kimchi quesadillas and double caramelized short rib tacos will always represent the ethnic collision that makes L.A.s dining scene so vibrant. The main eats are tacos which you can have for $2.50. They have Short Rib, Spicy Pork, Chicken, and Tofu.

The Grilled Cheese truck is the ultimate treat for the grilled cheese fanatics. They have Cheesy Mac & Rib, Cheesy Mac Melt, French Onion Soup Melt, and many more in their menu.

The Cheesy Mac & Rib is their signature melt and a crowd favorite since they started! One can enjoy sharp cheddar cheese with rich, house-smoked BBQ pork, their proprietary recipe for Southern macaroni & cheese and caramelized onions on French bread. You can find trucks in Ventura/Santa Barbara, Orange County, and in the Los Angeles Metro.

Dos Chinos is a fusion of Asian and Latin food. It's what they are made of - every sinew is built on years of carne asada and Vietnamese food.

They have TACO PLATE Choice of 2 corn tacos, DC salsa verde, cabbage, onions & cilantro, BURRITO Fresh flour tortilla, choice of meat, chimichurri jasmine rice, cabbage, DC salsa verde, onions, & cilantro, BOWLS Chimichurri jasmine rice, choice of meat, cabbage, cotija cheese, DC salsa verde, onions, & cilantro., and many more on their menu.

Guerilla Tacos builds daily menus only on what they could get fresh from local vendors. They created world-class tasting dishes, inspired by the flavors of the city and served on a tortilla.

On their menu are Roasted Sweet Potato, Sword Fish Taco, Beef Rib Eye Taco, and many more!
The Roasted Sweet Potato has Almond Chile, Fried Corn, Scallions, and Feta Cheese. It costs $4

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