Los Angeles city in California is the second most populated city filled with interesting companies and people. It is in this city where the Hollywood, universal and paramount studios are and so it is often flooded by celebrities. The city strip mall has many restaurants but the writer and Editor Sam Lubel who lives in L.A has analyzed six restaurants worth dining when in LA.

According to NYTimes, Ranking first is the Chinese restaurant Chego. Although it is not an option for health food, its unique sitting style embraces that of early 1980 having dining tables covered with a floral cloth. Beer, pork ribs and belly and stew are served and few doors outside brown bread flavor scoop ice cream and sriracha candy bar are recommendable.

Petit Trois is the best French restaurant. It has an advantage of an open kitchen meaning as sitting on the counter you can interact with the chefs as they are preparing your meal and once completed, a yummy hot food is set ahead of you. The omelet in this restaurant is to die for.

Trois Familia is a French-Mexican restaurant. It is the product of collaboration between chef Dotolo, Shook, and Lefebvre. It is loved so to avoid being in a waiting hurdle, arrive earlier and leave your order. The Churro French toast topped with vanilla ice cream is the best-served dish but order lots of portions. Their plates are very attractive but portions are not that huge.

In Baroo, chef Uh has brought the magic of the kitchen in his no man's land restaurant. With the ordinary ingredients known, Uh and his crew mix them and creates extraordinary dishes with new tastes, color, and texture. The food is delicious and the taste cannot be forgotten and feels perfect eating there.

As reported by Thrillist, the owner who is also chef Santos Uy cooks right in front of you at Papilles. He does French food from the ultra-creamy mashed potatoes to the velvety cauliflower velouté and cooked steak marvelously well. With his dishes, you will desire everyone you love to have a taste, as for Sam he called on his parents.

Another one from the Lefebvre is the brother to Petit Trois, Trois Mec. It is one of the hardest to reserve in L.A because it has a space to permit few diners at a time.it has the most inventive food in town. With all said and done, Strip mall offers fine diners which are great for everyone.