A lot of travelers tend to bring in food to eat in-flight to save on travel expenses, especially on long haul flights. Although it is allowed, some airports require payments of fees for prepacked food since there are snacks available for purchase in the airport itself. However, a way around for this is to pack energy bars, granola bars or sandwiches instead of food packs or meals.

For parents who are traveling with their children, baby food can be an ultimate requirement, especially for long haul flights. It is best to choose easy-to-pack snacks that can 'travel well'. Momtastic has outlined very specific tips regarding food for packing.

These include cereal which can easily be poured in a bowl that the airline could provide. Parents could also bring in well-packed, cubed or pureed fruit or vegetable as long as they are within the liquid limits. Formula, breast milk, and other liquids are allowed for as long as they are within restrictions that have been set by airport security. The ultimate tip for any food prepared for babies and children: place them in zip-locked bags and present them during security checks.

For others it is not the in-flight food they are worried about, it is carrying 'dinner' with them that becomes the problem. What if you want to bring your specially made cake or pie to your family back at home? Or what if you want to bring in side dishes or desserts for the holiday dinner? A report from Kitchen lists down homemade food allowed on a plane.

The best answer for this is to check the TSA website for specific guidelines on the specific food. Some like pies and cakes are allowed to be brought in with the carry-on luggage. Others, especially liquids, are required to be packed with checked in luggage.