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Valentine's Day Group Wedding Held At Palm Beach County Clerk's Office

The World's Most Fascinating & Unique Wedding Superstitions

The world is home to a multitude of cultures that are all different from each other. All these differences are quite noticeable with how different countries perform wedding ceremonies and observe superstitions. There are also a number of different symbolisms, leading people into taking weddings into an extra-ordinary level of importance. Here are a few of the most fascinating wedding superstitions in the world:


McDonald's Same Store Sales Up 7.1 Percent In January

World's Most Unusual McDonald's Menu

McDonald's Menu is not the same all over the world, they have to make sure that they meet the tastes of their local market. These are a few of the most unusual menu pieces in McDonald's in different parts of the world:


Sydney Goes Dark For Earth Hour

Travel Alert: Sydney Gets Air Quality Warning

With heat waves expected to soar incredible levels this month, many locals and tourists in Australia have been warned to stay alert and cautious. Just this week there had been reports that the air quality in Sydney is expected to reach an all-time low, sending local health authorities to a frenzy about reminding residents to stay cautious.


What are the world's rarest beers?

The Beer Bucket List of the World's Rarest Beers

They say that no one has ever tasted the best beer in their life until they taste all kinds and flavors, even the rarest kind of all. There are a number of rare beers that beer-lovers can only see in their dreams and fantasies. These are the kinds of beer-products which are produced in such a low number that finding it is like looking for a unicorn's hair or a phoenix feather. So what and where are these rare beers?


Burgeoning Craft Beer Industry Creates Niche Market For Limited Release Beers

World's Beer Festivals You Should Not Miss

Germany's Oktoberfest has been known to be the most popular beer festival in the world for decades. However, what many people don't know is that they don't have to go to Germany just to enjoy festive celebrations of the world's most popular drink - beer.


Malibu, California - Home of the Stars

Extravagant & Luxurious Resort-Style Celebrity Rehab Centers

Going to a rehabilitation center is not a walk in the park and it is quite common to hear about famous celebrities going in and out of these kinds of centers. Some go to get sober from their addiction, others go for emotional help. Sometimes, the life of being rich and famous just gets to you. So, where do the rich and famous go for rehab?


Best beaches in Florida: Top 20 best rated and most popular beaches in Florida

The Naked Truth: The What’s & Why’s Of Traveling Naked

The trend in traveling naked is not necessarily the newest and the latest. However, over the past few years, naked vacationing has again been increasing in popularity to the distaste and surprise of many.


Villa Amanzi - Phuket

The Ultimate Luxury Trip: The Bond Villain's Lair In Phuket, Thailand

Thailand is a very cultural country that can offer different types of travel destinations throughout its regions. One of the most incredible travel destination in the world, particularly in Asia is Phuket, Thailand. A paradise on Earth, Phuket is home to a number of virgin beach resorts and incredible cliffs.


The legalization of marijuana

What Is It Like To Travel In A Country That Legalized Weed

There was a time in history when traveling to Amsterdam was a dream for many young individuals so that they could get the taste of the life where weed has been legalized for recreational use. Now, decades later, more and more countries have experimented on finally legalizing the use of Marijuana. So, what is it like to travel to a country where weed has been legalized?


Spanish Tapas Platter Recipe!

Studies Show That Instagram Makes Food More Delicious

It is a food blogger’s joy to find out that their efforts in snapping that perfect, Instagram-worthy photo, has served its actual purpose – to entice other people to enjoy the food as much as they have. New reports show that taking an ‘Instagram Photo’ of one’s food not only makes it much more attractive but also more delicious.


People of different race speak different languages

This Is Why Difficult Asian Languages Are A Pain To Learn

The special power of language in travel is that it brings together cultures. It helps people understand each other better and it is one of the best ways to assure that a traveller is safe. However, while considering to learn a language, native English speakers are expected to find Asian languages much harder to learn than any other foreign language.


The Seed Vault - Norway

Three Intriguing Places Tourists are Not Allowed to Enter

There are a number of places tourists are forbidden to enter. However, there are some whose conditions are so intriguing that the more restriction are given to tourists, the more they yearn to visit and enjoy the secrets these places can offer.


The Floating House in London

How Safe is AirBnB: Horror Stories You Want to Avoid

It would always be an interesting story to tell about horror stories experienced through AirBnB - ghosts through the night, serial killers next door or whatnot. However, what is most important are the more realistic horror stories that anybody could experience anywhere.


Trump Force One: The plane that could take the place of the Air Force One

Trump Force One: The Plane that will Change the Face of America

Trump Force One has been dubbed by Discovery Channel as one of the world's most luxurious jetliner. Personally owned by the President-Elect Donald Trump, it has been used to service him and his entire entourage during the electoral campaign.


The beautiful Mosque in Herat, Afghanistan

After a Decade of War, Afghan Artists Start to Restore Their Colorful & Historical Art

The once colourful image of peace and art has been turned into war and destruction. Now, a decade later, Afghan artists start to rebuild and restore their colourful and historical art.


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