Now that the New Year is finally here, people should start planning their next big trip. Here is a few not-so-usual reason why we should travel and where to go:

Number 3: No Money, No Time? Maybe I could travel locally

Have you ever visited your city's museums? Have you ever gone to that bed and breakfast your friend has always told you about? Nobody said that going far is the only means to travel. Sometimes, the best thing to do is just GO LOCAL.

It will give anyone a deeper appreciation of the 'hidden gems' inside a city, the bed, and breakfast downtown, the shoe museum at the corner or Chinatown fifteen minutes away. It could also mean that you could have your own go-to 'travel quickie' when you badly need a break but both time and money are limited.

Number 2: You miss summer but it's still winter or vice versa?

Some places in the world are just remarkably beautiful and cannot be missed at certain times of the year. It might be a good idea to keep it in anyone's travel wishlist to go on a trip because of the season.

For instance, the Cherry blossoms in Japan and Korea would definitely be a romantic destination during springtime. People who love the snow could go to places that are cold and white a large part of the year according to the Mother Nature Network, like Siberia, Minnesota, Canada and much more. Of course, no one can forget forever summer places like Hawaii, Philippines, Caribbean and the like.

Number 1: Travel around the world to help others

For some people, traveling can mean developing one's person through service. Maybe it should be on everybody's wishlist to travel, locally or abroad, just to help people in need. There are groups online anyone can join so they could participate in missions to help children in areas of Africa and Asia.

It is through this that we can pack up on experience through building communities with other people, of different walks of life. Who said going to Africa and Asia is a cliché? The best thing about this is that it's usually free.