Traveling has never been this cutting edge as a hotel made of glass has been conceptualized to hang at the edge of the Alpine Mountains. Literally a cliffhanger, the glass hotel is designed to be carved into natural cracks that exist at the sides of the Alps giving its residents an incredible view of the mountainside.

Lonely Planet reports that this particular hotel has been designed by Andrii Rozhko and aptly named it as the Hotel in Alps. This particular designer has been well known for his signature style of incorporating modernized aesthetics to natural environments, creating innovative designs that would make the structure blend in with its environment. The structure itself will be made with geometric cuts that will make it look as if it is a glimmering gem at the edge of the Alpine mountains.

It has been envisioned to have private floors with connected elevators and a helipad on top. There would be no other means of travel but to fly through the air that will allow its guest to arrive at the destination in style.

As of the moment, the hotel still remains as a concept and no specific location has been chosen yet, as reported by the Daily Mail. A research on its feasibility, the study of the Alpine topography, as well as logistics on its construction, are all underway.

A futuristic concept, engineers will be challenged on how to not only design but also build this majestic hotel. They not only need to make sure that the structure would be stable and safe for a long term, they also need to make sure that workers would be free from hazards during its construction.

There are a number of glass hotels found all over the world. However, the Hotel in Alps will be known to be one of the most innovative and creative so far.