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How Safe is AirBnB: Horror Stories You Want to Avoid

Travelers Today       By    Mark James

Updated: Jan 05, 2017 05:31 AM EST

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It would always be an interesting story to tell about horror stories experienced through AirBnB - ghosts through the night, serial killers next door or whatnot. However, what is most important are the more realistic horror stories that anybody could experience anywhere.

One of the most common horrifying experiences guests tell about their AirBnB experiences, according to Country Living Magazine, would be bed bugs. Not only would it be horrifying for your stay, it would literally follow you home. Bed bugs could be carried in bags, clothes, and even hair and once it reaches your home, it would be expensive to get rid of.

Another horrifying experience based on reports from guests would be renting a stolen property. It would be difficult to explain to the police that you are not trespassing someone else's home. Much worse than that would be having guests' property stolen, which is a more common problem for multiple shared homes.

In the same way that AirBnB's can be terrifying for guests, it could be horrifying for hosts as well. Just imagine, letting random strangers into your home? According to a report from the Daily Mail, AirBnB hosts also suffer from horror stories which are worth to tell.

There had been multiple reports of guests doing drugs while inside the home. It is absolutely horrifying to find strangers having out-of-control, drug-induced parties, or activities, inside your house. It is terrifying not only for the homeowner but for other guests as well. Some hosts have also reported guests who have turned rented family home into brothels. Others have reported guests who trashed the home and even robbed them of their belongings.

Although they don't involve ghosts, rest assured that all these events are incredibly rare. It would just be important to always read the reviews before officially booking a place on AirBnB. It would also be a good practice to personally speak with the owner about the place about important topics such as the location, living conditions, room conditions and much more.

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