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Trump Force One: The Plane That Will Change The Face of America

Travelers Today       By    Mark James

Updated: Jan 04, 2017 04:00 AM EST

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Trump Force One has been dubbed by Discovery Channel as one of the world's most luxurious jetliner. Personally owned by the President-Elect Donald Trump, it has been used to service him and his entire entourage during the electoral campaign.

Trump bought the plane in 2011 and has since then personalized the entire plane's interior to his liking. The plane has been refitted to fit only 43 people who would enjoy comfortable and spacious leather seats. It is believed to be one of the most expensive personal planes in the world, as the personalization of the plane's interior has cost the billionaire hundreds of thousands of dollars.

What makes it so expensive? According to a report from the Business Insider, the plane is powered by a pair of pretty expensive Rolls Royce engines. It has spacious private bedrooms with complete furniture. It has a pretty good entertainment system. And if that is not enough, the bathroom fixtures are plated with 24 Karat gold.

The Trump Force One has been the face of President-Elect Trump's power and influence for more than half a decade. The question now in everybody's mind is if Trump Force One will also come with the President-Elect to the Oval Office.

There are now controversies whether President-Elect Trump will use his private jet to service him while on his job as the President of the United states or he will still continue to use Air Force One as other US presidents have. According to a report from Washington Post, Trump was pretty proud of his luxurious private jet and believes it is not only bigger but cheaper to use it as his service vehicle.

Although Trump may still wish to continue using his private plane, the report has compared the two planes from each other and it seems that we clearly have a winner. In almost all aspects, Air Force One is much better than Trump Force One.

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