Mashed Potato Burger in Japan

Just imagine your normal beef patty topped with a thick serving of mashed potato and gravy sandwiched in a bun, as reported by The Daily Meal. Not only does the mashed potatoes fall off when you hold your burger vertically, it is also an unusual combination of starch and beef. The Mashed Potato burger was released in Japan in 2012 but was soon taken off the menu.

Rice Burger in the Philippines

This particular item is one of the most unusual McDonald's menus because they have replaced the traditional bun with a bun made out of rice. Rice is such a staple in the country that almost all the meals are added with rice. Because it is an unusual and confusing take on a burger meal or a rice meal, it did not last long in the market and was soon taken out of the McDonald's menu in the country.

Passion Fruit + Oreo McFlurry in Colombia

It is quite well-known that the tropical country of Colombia is home to a variety of exotic fruits that are well-loved by the locals. It is also quite easy to understand that local food chains will make sure to include these special flavors into their cuisine. However, one of the most unusual item on Colombia's McDonald's Menu is the Passion Fruit Crunch McFlurry. According to Telegraph UK, this is the combination of the sweet-sour taste of Passion fruit combined with the normal chocolate, vanilla sweetness of the Oreo McFlurry. A taste that might not pleasure the pickiest of eaters, the Passion Fruit Crunch McFlurry is one of the most unusual McDonald's Menu in the world.

Masala Dosa in India

One of the newest additions in the Indian Breakfast Menu, the Masala Dosa is a local favorite. According to a report from CNN, this new addition to the menu will be served from 7 AM to 11 AM and will be served alongside the staple McDonald's breakfast of waffles, pancakes, and hashbrowns. The Masala dosa is a type of thin pancake which is made from fermented rice and lentils. McDonald's has turned it into a patty and will be sandwiched between buns.