Travel junkies usually travel the world because of their deep love and appreciation for the Earth, in general. May it be their love for language and culture, the urban life, or nature, travelers often travel for love. So why not, turn that love into something useful and help in a cause, like saving polar bears?

With the ongoing issues of global warming and climate change, people are now confused if the two issues are 'real'. Regardless of which one whether climate change is truly manmade or not, people are now starting to forget the damage that is being done to the Earth. It does not change the fact that whatever is happening changes the ecosystem and affects a number of our well-loved species.

There are many ways for which an individual can help in saving the Polar bears. WWF has listed down a few things mankind can do to help in saving the polar bears. This includes supporting and funding researchers on how climate change affects their lives. Another is by joining advocacies in stopping oil and gas companies from further drilling on the arctic. There are also organizations to join that helps in keeping the peace between humans and bears.

There are now easy-to-join activities and advocacies in turning Arctic tourism into a carbon footprint-free and sustainable system. This is due to the unexpected shift in Arctic tourism over the years. A report from the Daily Mail has also explained that the new climate change reports are expected to change the tourism in the Arctic, creating a significant boom in the number of tourists until 2050.

The great thing is that Polar bears are quite intelligent creatures. According to a report from The National Geographic, they have done ways to adapt to their changing environment and lack of food. These include saving left-overs for later by putting them on top of ice, preserving their freshness. A few polar bears have been reported as well to deal with eating food out their usual menu of seals, fish, and dolphins by eating tiny goose eggs.