The latest in architectural designs and construction technology has paved the way for one of the wittiest structures in the world. The Agora Garden Tower, or the Retreat of Tao Zhu, is one of the most awaited skyscrapers not only in Taiwan but in all of Asia. A pride of the East is again about to rise but what makes it so popular?

A multiple story structure that twists from ground to its highest floor, it is one of the most impressively designed buildings in Taiwan right next to the ever famous Taipei 101 building. According to a report from CNN, it has been designed by a famous French Architect named Vincent Callebaut.

Not only does it brag to be an eco-friendly structure that uses up very minimal energy, it also boasts of its capability to consume Carbon. This is one of the most important factors that make the building so special. Expected to be completed by September of this year, it is one of the only structures in the world whose facade is almost completely covered by trees and greenery.

The architect has indicated that he has used the idea of a double helix DNA and has literally added life to the Agora Garden Tower by turning it into what he calls an 'urban forest'. Inhabitat reports that the structure has been designed with not only decorative but also edible plants.

Since the structure is a residential complex, it will allow its inhabitants to plant and harvest their own food like a vegetable patch on air. What the architect and his team boast most about is that it has been designed to be self-sufficient through its rain collection mechanism allowing its residents to exert very little effort to grow their own food.

The increasing amount of carbon dioxide in the air is one of the most controversial issues of today. There had been a significant number of scientists all over the world that has lobbied for the transformation of structures, transportation, and even energy production to reduce the emission of carbon into the environment.