La La Land is an American film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone whose plot surrounds the life of a musician who meets and falls in love with an aspiring actress in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. A romantic musical comedy about dreams and love, La La Land has featured many of the beautiful places around Hollywood that will make any romantic fall in love not only with the movie but the destination as well.

The Hollywood reporter lists down a few of the memorable places of Hollywood which have been featured in La La Land. Of course, there are the popular places in L.A like Hollywood boulevard and its palm trees. There is also Hollywood walk of Fame that both locals and foreign travelers know pretty well.

However, it is the sweet, hidden gems of L.A. that made La La Land so popular. One of the wonderful scenes in the film has been showing in the 115-year-old funicular railway located in downtown L.A. Known as the Angel's Flight, the area is a historical landmark which was opened in 1901. It was given its name because there is an archway overlooking downtown L.A.

It wouldn't be a complete tour of L.A. without the Griffiths Observatory. According to a report from USA Today, there are a number of considerable references to the 1955 film, Rebel Without a Cause. Producers and writers wanted to pay homage to the romantic scenes in the movie and made sure that the audiences will also feel the nostalgia of old Hollywood. They made sure that many of the iconic scenes in the movie resemble and mirror even more iconic scenes in the 1955 film. 

On top of that, the movie will surely make the Light House Café one popular date destinations for both local and foreign travelers. Opened in 1949, this is home to the 1950s jazz of Hollywood. More than five decades later, it is a popular venue for performances of aspiring musicians in jazz, Reggae, and even rock.