July 16, 2024 11:16 AM

Articles by Jane Gilligan

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    Travel Alert: Norway is the First Country to Phase out FM Radio

    The progression of technology will forever change the world that we know today as Norway finally pushes thru with their plan of officially turning off the switch for FM Radio nationally. For those who are going to travel to Norway, it would be best to be familiar with this.

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    Arctic Tourism: Polar Bears are Going Extinct, Here's What You Can do to Help

    Travel junkies usually travel the world because of their deep love and appreciation for the Earth, in general. May it be their love for language and culture, the urban life, or nature, travellers often travel for love. So why not, turn that love into something useful and help in a cause, like saving polar bears?

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    How The Apple iPhone Changed Travel For The Past 10 Years

    It is true that mobile phones have changed society more than anyone would ever think. Just like all machines, the mobile phone has made our lives easier and our works faster. It has transformed society in more ways than one that phones are now a big part of our daily lives, almost an extension of our being. Now that the iPhone has been in the market for a total of 10 years, it is a wonder how it has changed the world, particularly how people travel.

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    'Star Wars' Fans Get Ready! The New George Lucas Museum is Coming to Town

    The Museum of Narrative Art, proposed by "Star Wars" writer and director George Lucas, may now come to life in California. Already in the works for a few years, the project has been repetitively dismissed quite a few times due to issues on the appropriate location to build it. Originally planned to be set out in Los Angeles, newer proposals have now pitched for the gigantic structure to be built in Treasure Island, San Francisco.

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    World's Most Famous SnapChat Travel Accounts That Would Amaze You

    SnapChat is one of the latest mobile apps that allow a user to send photos and videos to friends. What made SnapChat so popular are the photo and video filters making the app unique and well-loved by the user.

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    What is Inside North Korea's Room 39?

    Known as the Hermit Kingdom, North Korea has been secluded from the world for the past half-decade. A lot of aspects regarding their people, culture, and the government has been under other countries' speculations for decades. In fact, a number of their government operations are shrouded in mystery. One particular controversy about North Korea is known as the Room 39.

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    Travel Alert: Madrid Is Banning Cars from Entering Their City

    The latest travel news focuses on the Mayor of Madrid officially banning private vehicles from entering the city's center. This ban on cars has been set down especially on the city's most popular street known as the Gran Via, a popular destination for shopping and leisure at the heart of the City of Madrid.

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    Going On a Vacation to Lose Weight? Try Out these Fitness Vacations

    For a lot of people, traveling always entail rejuvenating rest, delectable relaxation and good food. For these kinds of people, the best way to go is to lose weight before the trip so they could wear that two-piece swimsuit they bought just for this vacation. Who says that losing weight should be done before the trip? Why not travel just to lose weight? Here are some fitness vacations that will make anyone break a sweat and get that perfect bod.

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    Taiwan Builds A Skyscraper That 'Consumes' Carbon Instead Of Emitting It

    The Agora Garden Tower, or the Retreat of Tao Zhu, is one of the most awaited skyscrapers not only in Taiwan but in all of Asia. A pride of the East is again about to rise but what makes it so popular?

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    A Budget Vlogger's Guide to Japan Gadget Centers

    For budget vloggers that will visit Japan anytime soon, it would be good to know the districts and places where the best working gadgets can be found. It will surely give any gadget finder numerous options that will allow them to choose their most workable surplus.

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    These Are The Places Where Kinder Eggs Are Banned & Why

    To everybody's surprise, the Kinder Egg has been increasingly losing its appeal to a lot of food authorities in the world. More and more countries have been deliberating on officially banning this product. It would be best to research before thinking of bringing Kinder Eggs as souvenirs or snacks when traveling.

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    The Four Hidden Secrets and Treasures of North Korea

    North Korea has always intrigued many travelers, especially since it is not that easy to enter their country. But what they are hiding is something that journalists are still yet to find. So far, these are a few of the interesting not-so-known facts about the Hermit Kingdom.

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    A Direct Link between Asia and Europe: The China-Britain Freight Train

    Spanning a total 12,000 kilometers, the China-Britain Freight train is the first direct rail system that connects China and the UK. This particular rail system has been launched the first week of January and is expected to complete its maiden voyage in a whopping length of 18 days.

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    An Exclusive Look at 'La La Land's' Los Angeles

    La La Land is an American film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone whose plot surrounds the life of a musician who meets and falls in love with an aspiring actress in the heart of Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. A romantic musical comedy about dreams and love, La La Land has featured many of the beautiful places around Hollywood that will make any romantic fall in love not only with the movie but the destination as well.

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    The Vatican Secret Archives: A Place Everyone is Forbidden to Enter

    Contrary to what many people know, no one can truly 'Travel the World' completely as there are certain places all over the world that people are forbidden to enter. One place in particular would be the Vatican Secret Archives. As the name suggests, only a handful of people have been inside this sacred place. Thus, it becomes a controversial topic to even mention what it houses as in truth, nobody really knows

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