With the New Year, the most common resolution would be to lose weight and a number of people lose weight so they could travel. But why not travel just to lose weight?

The winter season should not be an excuse for anyone to curl up in their beds, binge eats on junk food while watching marathons of their favorite shows. Why not take a vacation to go skiing or snowboarding? Livestrong reports that one good place to visit would be Sebastian Vail in Colorado. A resort that would give the body a full exercise. The great thing about this place is that there are hot tubs and spas that can pamper any sore.

Take a hike! It is now a popular trend to travel and be closer to nature through group climbs and trekking. It is a good way to break a sweat while enjoying the wonders of nature away from the concrete jungle of the city. The delicious taste of fresh air, the aromatic scent of moist soil and the visually engaging sights of nature are just bonuses for this trip.

A good few kilometers of hiking would be great for the entire body and the lungs. For those who enjoy many extreme versions of this trip, there are trails that have rock climbing which will surely give anyone that full body workout they need.

There are also trail running activities, which is more competitive than hiking and rock climbing. For those who enjoy a good run, why not take it to the next level and run the slopes of hills and mountains - a great way to break off a sweat while enjoying nature.

If you're getting tired of the winter, why not go Kitesurfing off the coasts of the Carribean. A report from CNN states that one of the best places to go for these kinds of activities would be the Dominican Republic. Here, there are internationally certified trainers that will surely push any visitor into the toning the body through a very enjoyable sport.