Space travel and interplanetary migration are the future of humans, according to some scientists. With the advent of technology through time, more and more scientists and inventors want to be able to take ordinary humans to, literally, fly out of the Earth.

Through the years, an increasing number of investors have been crazy about the idea of commercializing space travel. Similar to flying on an airplane to reach a destination overseas, some businessmen want normal people to be able to go to another planet without the rigorous training of an astronaut. Since then it has been a race for many space transport service companies to find a way to make this true, such as SpaceX and Virgin Galactic.

SpaceX, a space transport Services Company owned by Elon Musk, aims to not only be among the first to reach mars but to also be among the first that could take ordinary humans to a journey through space. Since he first made the pledge, Elon Musk, and his company have been in continuous search for the world's new great rocket. However, it would not be possible without some minor setbacks.

Five months earlier, according to a report from the Daily Mail, SpaceX's latest rocket has suffered from a massive explosion that has destroyed a few internet satellites while in orbit. A problem that would cause a major delay to their aim of commercializing space travel, they had been continuously wondering what went wrong.

As it turns out, the cause of the explosion was the accumulation of oxygen in a helium canister inside the rocket's oxygen tank. People have been afraid that this could be the end for the ambitious commercialized space travel. However, SpaceX, according to NY Magazine, has announced that by next week that they will return to further testing now they know the cause of the explosion. In a few more years, ordinary humans may finally be able to journey through space.