April 17, 2024 11:49 PM

space travel

Here's Why Astronauts Can Eventually Become Unhealthy Due To Prolonged Space Travels

The physical body needs exercise even in space. However, study shows that there are differences on the exercise capacity of the body in space and on earth.


California Prepares Taxation Policies For Space Rocket Industry By Miles Traveled

The rocket industry, headed by giant companies like SpaceX and United Launch Alliance has supported the move of the California Franchise State Board to tax the industry based on mileage and departure.


The World’s Largest Alien-Finding Telescope Is Now Open To Visitors

China has finished constructing the Five hundred meter Aperture Spherical Telescope (FAST) last year and has now opened the center to the public for people to learn how the telescope works and astronomical finds in its museum. FAST, considered as the world's largest radio telescope, was developed to search for radio waves across the galaxies to find any signs of alien life.


Comet, Snow Moon, And Eclipse Collide On Friday Night

Look up at the sky tonight, and you'll see three phenomena happening at the same time: a comet, Snow Moon, and lunar eclipse will show up starting tonight until tomorrow morning. People can watch starting from 7 PM to 8 PM Eastern Time or while Westerners can enjoy the three-peat show at 12:45 AM Friday.


Space Tourism Still Out Of Reach Beyond 2020

Humanity's dreams of space vacations would not even materialize post 2020. A concentration on rocket technology and lackluster technological development for other affordable energy sources spell the biggest problems for space tourism's practicality and eventual affordability.


The Future of Commercialized Space Travel: Elon Musk's SpaceX Rocket Explosion

Space travel and interplanetary migration is the future of humans, according to some scientists. With the advent of technology through time, more and more scientists and inventors want to be able to take ordinary humans to, literally, fly out of the Earth.


Journey to Space Made Possible by Spaceflight Development Company

Travel to space for less than 100,000 pounds next year as being offered by UK holiday travel website. The XCOR Space Expedition, now available for sale on the Kayak website, will launch from either of the 2 spaceports from different locations where prices can vary and are dependent on the US dollar exchange to British pound and on the date of departure.


British Astronaut Blasts Off to Space

Major Timothy Nigel Peake will mark Britain joining in on the space travel endeavors as he and other Britons will have multiple space explorations for International Space Station on Moon and Mars. The mission will attempt to explore life outside Earth as well as observe how the human body can survive space travel.


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