Travel to space for less than 100,000 pounds next year as being offered by UK holiday travel website are made possible thanks to XCOR, a space flight and rocket engine develpment firm.

The XCOR Space Expeditions, now available for sale on the Kayak website, will launch from either of the 2 spaceports from different locations - Dutch Caribbean island of Curacao or the Mojave Desert in California. Prices may vary and are dependent on the US dollar exchange to British pound as well as the date of departure. Kayak website registered users will only be able to book flights one year in advance despite the fact that such space explorations are available beyond 2016.

The space travel will be a private one seeing that you will only be accompanied by the pilot and the voyage will last for one hour. A Lynx Mark spacecraft will be take you 60 or 100 kilometres above Earth depending on which spaceport you came from. XCOR has yet to confirm which port offers the more distant trip but they promised that both offers the same exciting experience.

Once the spaceship launches, you will be able to view the planet Earth in all its glory through a canopy window in a 4 square metre cockpit for about 10 minutes before gliding back to the surface for another 40 minutes. Upon finishing the 'out of this world' voyage, you will receive official astronaut wings marking your accomplishment for traveling in space.

Development of the spaceship used in the voyage, XCOR Lynx spacecraft, has been ongoing since 2003. Other companies also aim to make space flight, some 'near-space' ones, open to the masses by developing similar aircrafts. NASA also announced that it would fund 1.5 million British pounds on spacecraft research to be used for commercial flights outside Earth.

Looks like space travel is no longer a thing in the future especially with Tim Peake's Space Exploration Mission to Mars underway.