The progression of technology will forever change the world that we know today as Norway finally pushes thru with their plan of officially turning off the switch for FM Radio nationally. For those who are going to travel to Norway, it would be best to be familiar with this.

Norway is the first country that has switched off and phased out their FM Radio stations nationally. According to a report from CNN, the country has not killed radio stations in general. They have just transitioned from analog FM radio transmissions to digital radio transmissions. Analog radio transmission is the process for which data and information are transferred through an older form of wave control and modulation.

A report from the Guardian has indicated that the decision of the government to switch from analog to digital radio is primarily due to the costs it takes to convey radio signals through the older method. According to the Nordic government, this switch will not significantly affect local jobs and would even provide cost savings for radio companies so they could invest in the most modern form of signal transmission.

About seven years ago, a report from the Daily Mail has already predicted the possibility of this happening. As explained in the report, the ongoing, progressive trend of online media is a terrible sign that we are again about to endanger certain kinds of communication.

In the same way that mobile phones have endangered physical landline phones, the increasing popularity of the internet has significantly affected the number of FM radio audiences. For instance, for the travelers that will be affected by this change, it would not create such problems because the internet connection will be a better way to receive information like weather and traffic updates.