The Museum of Narrative Art, proposed by "Star Wars" writer and director George Lucas, may now come to life in California. Already in the works for a few years, the project has been repetitively dismissed quite a few times due to issues on the appropriate location to build it. Originally planned to be set out in Los Angeles, newer proposals have now pitched for the gigantic structure to be built in Treasure Island, San Francisco.

What is known as the Museum of Narrative Art, is a structure whose design is so out-of-this-world that it will surely impress anyone who would stand to admire it. Based on a report from Bloomberg, Lucas has designed this museum to exhibit hundreds of thousands of artifacts from the "Star Wars" saga.

He has preferred all these pieces to be "narrative art" as there are stories behind each piece. The 4-acre San Francisco site and the 7-acre LA site will also feature rooms for an exclusive exhibition of art relating to the "Star Wars" Saga.

It has been a few years since George Lucas has proposed the design and location of his up-and-coming museum. Based on a report from SFGATE, there are now talks among the museum board and they seem to be finally coming closer to making a decision to whether or not trash the idea of putting the Museum of Narrative Art in Treasure Island.

Based on this report, it would seem that Lucas' museum is already in a good position as area's mayor and developer seem to believe that the museum will attract visitors in the future. Because of its highly innovative and technologically advanced design, the Museum of Narrative Art seems to be a good addition to the Bay Area in San Francisco.

Based on estimates, the total cost for this dream project would be roughly 1.1 Billion US Dollars, all of which would be paid for by George Lucas himself. Based on a report from the LA Times, George Lucas has hired two different architects to create two different designs for the LA and San Francisco museum. This is in hopes that the project will finally meet its most sought after success, whichever of the two gets approved.