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The Naked Truth: The What’s & Why’s Of Traveling Naked

Travelers Today       By    Mark James

Updated: Jan 10, 2017 08:43 AM EST

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The trend in traveling naked is not necessarily the newest and the latest. Back in the 1970s, going naked is a means for them to transition from a strict, conservative society into the free-thinking, and expressive beings that they have always hidden within. However, over the past few years, naked vacationing has been increasing in popularity to the distaste and surprise of many.

There has been an increasing trend of snapping a naked travel picture of one's self. According to a report from Gawker, it would seem that this particular trend is quite ready for take-off, pun intended. The great thing about this is that they don't necessarily need to show what needs to be hidden. Usually involving a very iconic destination in the background, travelers sit or pose naked while sophisticatedly covering what needs to be covered.

According to a report from Paste Magazine, these people normally call themselves as 'na-cationers', which is short for naked vacationers. They are groups of people who go together in different vacation spots in the world, and they do it unconventionally butt-naked. Traveler's Digest lists down some of the popular nude travel destinations that anyone can go to.

Although there are possibly no airports that would take them in, they would definitely save up on luggage because they literally have to carry minimal to no clothing at all. As surprising as it can be, there are reasons why getting that naked travel trip is good once in a while.

It is a great way to express one's self - a way to state to the world that you are carefree and that you are stripping yourself off of burden and yes, clothes included. It is a great way to show confidence while getting that excited rush of pure adrenalin because what you are about to do is something that not so many people have the courage to even think of. It is a naturist's dream to have a society free from prejudice against people who like traveling naked.

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