It is a food blogger's joy to find out that their efforts in snapping that perfect, Instagram-worthy photo, has served its actual purpose - to entice other people to enjoy the food as much as they have. New reports show that taking an 'Instagram Photo' of one's food not only makes it much more attractive but also more delicious.

Traveling will not be complete without the full-on experience of food. It is an intimate way for individuals to share small, simple happiness then go back home craving for the exotic taste they have experienced. According to a report from Digital Trends, there had been a number of studies that probed on the psychology behind taking Instagram photos of food.

On one study, there had been comparisons in the responses on taste and satisfaction between individuals who took photos to those individuals that immediately consumed their share. The results are astounding.

A simple, yet discreet, snap could be the way to go. However, there are some people who would go to the ends of the Earth just to take that perfect photo. Some would literally block the way while arranging and rearranging their plates and cutlery. Some would even stand up on chairs to get that eagle's eye view of their delectable food.

Like photography professionals, they take shot after shot of their food. But that is not yet the end of it, choosing the perfect filter to make it more attractive would be the next big hurdle. Based on a report from New York Magazine, the process and effort for which these individuals undergo to take photos of their food builds up their anticipation and appreciation for the meal.

As a result of the study, it may all boil down to what is called as delayed gratification. As it turns out, people who take photos before eating their food reported it to be much tastier. While those who have immediately consumed their food provided much fewer satisfaction ratings to what they ate, even if they were given the same meal. Giving more appreciation to food has made it considerably more satisfying and enjoyable.