Q: What's the next best thing after setting foot on the Caribbean Islands? A: Getting paid by simply visiting the Island, of course. The US Virgin Island is actually paying people to visit them next year and this is by far the best thing ever for those who are planning to have a new year getaway.

Pack up them trunks and bikinis, prepare that skin to get tanned and get ready to head off to the US Virgin Islands in 2017, as the Islands are paying tourists to visit them. St. John, St. Thomas, and St. Croix from Denmark are celebrating the centennial of being under the care of the United States. Therefore, they will be giving out up to $300 (£240) vouchers to whoever visits either of those mentioned islands. The purpose is for people to be able to explore the islands more and experience activities (it can be used for eating, kayaking, hiking, touring and more) with extra $300 in their pockets (which is a huge win already.)

Tourists can avail the $300-voucher if they are going to stay on one of the islands for more than 3 nights starting January 2 - December 31, 2017. Also, the stay-cation must be booked through their official tourism site, visitusvi.com. After that, $300 in credit will be sent to whoever has booked for a stay-cation.

There are no certain limitations on which a person can spend his $300-voucher - tourists can basically spend their $300 on anything as long as it's relevant to the activities on the island. But Fred Mawer, an expert to Caribbean activities and how to enjoy the stay in the Caribbean suggested that the islands are best for the families, friends, pampering, or just to get away from the smoky city and chill on the beautiful beaches. He also stated that the voucher would be best spent on kayaking, tours, snorkeling, museums, food testing, or any other water sports and activities. Tune in on Travelers Today for more updates.