Many dreams of being able to see the beauty of the world - to travel, learn and experience different cultures had become a major goal. The thing is; traveling can be undeniably expensive. But like how the old saying goes "If there's a will, there is a way," if the determination is enough, anyone can be like the man who had been traveling the world for three years for free.

Meet Dane Torbjørn C. Pedersen, the man who sailed from one country to another on container ships. Reports say that Pedersen, also known as Thor, had been crossing oceans since October 2013 and is dreaming of setting foot in every country on the globe. He had been in several countries, 122 all in all - including Europe and South America. He also traveled to Caribbean and Indian Ocean.

Back in 2013, Thor Pedersen set a goal and that is to travel the world without spending a lot and without having to ride an airplane. But how else is he going to travel the world without stepping on a plane? Claiming the fact that he didn't want to damage his pockets, that's when the 37-year old decided to sail the globe through container ships.

Traveling through container ships is mostly free, that mean he only gets to take out his wallet whenever it's meal time. According to Travel and Leisure, the man spends at least a day in each country and spends more or less than $20. So basically, he only spends $20 to travel to a country.

As he travels he drops off some reviews, "Greenland and Cuba have surprised me the most as countries I cannot compare with others. They are absolutely unique and memorable." Other than Greenland and Cuba, Thor suggested several countries that are totally worthy to visit too such as - Iran, San Marino, Serbia, Poland, Ice Land, Ecuador and more.