A study conducted by the British Psychological Society initially reveals the strong correlation between higher intellect and 'lower life satisfaction with more frequent socialization with friends.' Provided with this general objective premise, it has become prudent to associate solitude with smartness wherein relative isolation becomes a much favorable environment.

Likewise called as the 'Savannah Theory of Happiness', it has been postulated that people forming tight-knit communities in the isolated rural setting are happier than those stuck in a very crowded metropolis teeming with strangers. The extensive survey of over 15,000 people confirms this theory, with results mostly prevalent among a group cluster between ages 18 to 28.

Hence, the Sabbatical

It was not a mere accident that a renowned soul-searching film like "Eat Pray Love" (2010) often sparks a strong connection with the viewers' retrospective side. Seemingly, it suggests that the experience of traveling solo amplifies the gratification of a particularly complex reward system derived from any recreational trip.

Unlike going in groups, solitary traveling creates a more 'inspirational' atmosphere. In fact, the more places one gets to visit alone, the more diverse one's learning experience is. Case in point: you are most likely to write a novel out of your long voyage when it is conducted completely on your own terms, absorbing and relishing your individual experiences.

The Wanderlust Sages

If it was not for the science that attempts to solve this mystery, it would have been virtually impossible to put a finger on what makes adventurers simply an interesting bunch of individuals. Research has confirmed that the mind of the reserved and reclusive nomad is too voracious to subsist on data provided by his or her own limited local habitat. The need to 'expand one's horizons' has been the single most prevalent mantra followed by prospective visionaries and conquerors since time immemorial. Hence, curious intelligent souls are more inclined to solo vacations.