Based on the 1996 crime comedy film, "Fargo" has successfully survived 2 seasons under the management of FX. For their Season 3 arc, more characters are included in the production.

These 6 big stars of motion picture will make a fine addition to the already impressive roster. Here are the following celebrities, as mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter:

Michael Stuhlbarg

Stuhlbarg won the Screen Actors Guild Award in 2010 for his performance as the renowned Jewish kingpin named Arnold Rothstein in HBO's mafia series "Boardwalk Empire." In "Fargo" series, he will play as the criminal advisor for the crime boss Emmit Stussy (Ewan McGregor).

Shea Whigham

Famous for his role in "Boardwalk Empire" as Nucky Thompson's brother, Eli, the actor Shea Whigham reunites with co-star Stuhlbarg in Season 3 of "Fargo." For this FX television series, he will play the role of Mick County police chief Moe Dammick.

Karan Soni

He once co-starred as a cab driver sidekick of Wade Wilson in "Deadpool." For Season 3 of "Fargo," he will play the role of a scientist named Dr. Homer Gilruth. It is his 24th television series performance after "Blunt Talk."

Thomas Mann

Once nominated for the Empire Award for Best Male Newcomer in the 2015 film "Me and Earl and the Dying Girl," Thomas Mann has starred in a total of 18 movies. But his role as brilliant science fiction author, Thaddeus Mobley, is going to be his third television performance.

Scoot McNairy

The multi-awardee actor is known for his roles in 2012 films like "Argo" and "Killing Them Softly" will play the Maurice LeFay. The role of a haunted stoner in "Fargo" Season 3 is just one of the two television projects he is currently working under.   

Fred Melamed

Adding the coup-de-grace for the star-studded casting is the veteran multi-awardee actor. He co-starred with colossal celebrities like Sir Ben Kingsley (The Dictator), Kurt Russel (Bone Tomahawk), and Robert De Niro (The Mission). For Season 3 of "Fargo," he'll play powerful event organizer Howard Zimmerman.

As highlighted by a Wikipedia article, this series was already the second attempt to recreate the film's success. Sadly, the 1997 pilot show of Trio TV directed by Kathy Bates did not pan out.