The success of the 2016 Disney animation film "Moana" could somehow influence the choice of tourists to explore the Pacific Islands as an ideal destination. Continuing from yesterday's article about the top 5 locations based on generic travel preferences, today's top 5 focuses more on another specific set of itinerary.

Virgin Beaches: Ouvea (New Caledonia)

Arguably, the best location in terms of clean unspoiled beaches is Ouvea - a province in the small archipelago of New Caledonia. Stretching 51 miles in total span, this island is scarcely visited that it is possible to the only tourist around one of the many virgin beaches during the weekdays. From the shoreline, the visibility of marine flora and fauna seems to have an HD daylight rendition.

Marine Exploration: Vava'u (Tonga) and Viti Levu (Fiji)

Exploring marine wildlife in these two South Pacific Islands is another level of excitement. Fiji's Shark Reef Marine Park is one of the rarest places in the world where divers can stay under the same aquatic surface with three huge sharks uncaged, albeit with strict professional guidance. Between June to November, the Kingdom of Tonga is an ideal place to visit for an actual rare sight of humpback whales.

Historical Journey: Solomon Islands

Should one seek a place with rich historical tales, Solomon Islands is the best of the top 5 vacation destinations in the list. The entire archipelago is virtually a World War II museum, replete with relics and ruins from humanity's most violent conflict in the Pacific Theatre.

Wreck Diving: Espirito Santo (Vanuatu)

For some peculiar reason, Vanuatu has become a site of two demolished American vessels. Sitting 69 feet below the nearby sea surface of Espirito Santo lies the scuttled 1945 military transport called the SS President Coolidge. Other ships also include the MV Henry Benneud. How about that? An underwater gallery by itself!

Volcanoes: Ambrym or Tanna (Vanuatu)

What could be more extreme than trekking the mountains? That's right. It is hiking along active volcanoes. Anyone who prefers this edgy fitness tourism ought to visit the rugged peaks of Vanuatu. The easier course of Mt. Yasur is in Tanna Island. Those who want something more challenging ought to visit the twin peaks of Mt. Benbow and Mt. Marum.