For those who aren't too experienced with the modular PC upgrades, getting the correct parts and have a gaming rig could be a challenge. NVIDIA recently revealed its "PC Gaming Revival Kit" to ease the process and do the choosing for consumers looking to upgrade their systems hassle free.

Based on a report from VideoCardz, NVIDIA is rolling out a new product bundle and this will provide both tight-budgeted players and PC gaming newbies an affordable boost to their dated machines. The revival kit is priced somewhere around the current-gen consoles like the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. As also confirmed at PC Gamer, the PC revival kit bundle is priced at €399 and is around $415 or so.

Besides the Spanish-speaking countries it is currently pitched for, NVIDIA "PC Game Revival Kit" sounds and looks more of an instant and hassle-free upgrade provided that the basic ports and peripheral slots are covered.

The bundle includes three of the most important parts needed for boosting the gaming performance on almost every gaming rig of today. It contains an MSI GTX 1060 3GB video card, a Corsair Force Series LE 240 SSD and a Corsair CX450M power supply. The kit also includes a "Gears of War 4" game.

A shining example of how a graphic-heavy video game can run with such setup. Consumers, however, still needs to consider other aspects like RAM speeds, sizes, and processors speeds, otherwise, some serious bottlenecking will occur on most present day games.

There's no official announcement regarding a date of when the bundle is available in the U.S, but it is interesting to see how the prices will vary. Most computer hardware comes relatively cheap in certain stores in the U.S as compared with other countries in the world. Online stores like Amazon and NewEgg even offers regular discounts, making it easier to get upgrades for less.