Those who are looking forward to next year's CES might be in for a treat with Nvidia's upcoming update and overhaul for its Android TV gadget, SHIELD. Leaked images show two different versions of the overhaul for the rumored update.

As recently reported by Android Police, a lot of hearsay shows NVIDIA's work in progress regarding its next Android TV platform. People are expecting to see the possible update to SHIELD this upcoming CES event in January.

A couple of leaked images started spreading online, but none of the online news sites or communities have the official specs for the update. Still, the images seem to be pretty much convincing to be not a hoax and the next model might actually come in two various form factors.

To further solidify the accuracy of the leaked images, Slash Gear also reports about being able to get in touch with the source of the image and confirming the accuracy of the image's representation of the 2nd NVIDIA SHIELD iteration.

The current images do not show a lot of changes going on with the next model, but the gamepad shows a number of aesthetic modification. It will soon sport a unique-looking texture, which might look uncomfortable to use or look at on first glance.

As reports state, the lack of specs could still lead the images or let alone, the supposed console revamp, a thing to be taken with a grain of salt. With two sizes showing, the possibility of the other one being an entirely different console is just as good as anybody's guess.

The Android T.V. hasn't made any considerable boom in the gaming market despite not being a technology, several companies find it attractive enough to make significant sales. Hopefully, the much-needed upgrade will be introduced by broadening the capabilities of such consoles like the NVIDIA SHIELD that will have other companies eventually follow suit.