Following the success of the 2016 Disney animation "Moana," the Pacific Islands are enjoying the limelight in the current international cultural stage. It is only natural how the popularity of the film also contributes to the renewed attention given to the Pacific Islands tourism. Here is a list worth following according to your vacation preference:

Luxury: Laucala Island (Fiji)

It is located off the coast of the famous Taveuni Island. Spanning a total of 12 sq. kilometers, this key is known for its 25 palatial residences and five world-class restaurants. Their supply chains come from the island's very own fresh organic plantations. Note: This is the only location in the South Pacific Islands that features a submarine cruise, voyaging the aquatic space 150 meters below sea level.  

Tribal Culture: Pentecost (Vanuatu)

Common among Polynesians in the global region, the tribal men of Pentecost display their valor via the rudimentary ancestor of bungee jumping using vines. This ritual ceremony occurs between April to June. Every three years, this island celebrates a three-day festival of local cuisine and traditional music called "Tanna's Nekowiar."

Surfing: Tahiti (French Polynesia)

Forget Hawaii if you want to get off the US jurisdiction! When it comes to surfing, the best Pacific destination with a stark ethnic Polynesian touch is Tahiti. The tiny village of Teahupoo is home to the Billabong Pro Surf Competition. The waves can reach up to a breathtaking 23 feet height.

Hiking: Samoa (Oceania)

This country is the best place to choose for hikers. The island of Upolu is popular among trekkers due to its lush and rugged terrain. Trivia - the legendary trails to the peak of Mount Vaea Scenic Reserve eventually leads to the burial site of renowned "Treasure Island" author named Robert Louis Stevenson. 

Romance: Bora Bora (Cook Islands)

Made popular by the 2009 comedy film "Couple's Retreat," the island of Bora Bora is considered a prime honeymoon location for Westerners. Being one of the top 5 vacation destinations in the Pacific, this island is renowned for its cozy over-the-sea stilt huts. For several years now, Bora Bora has become a premium venue for overseas island-themed weddings.