People in Asia would always say that how you celebrate the New Year on the midnight will determine how your upcoming 365 days will be. Thus, it is no question at all why Asian people would always do their best in celebrating the New Year. Families around Asian countries will always throw the best new year bash as they welcome another bountiful year.

In Asia, there are lots of surprises that you can enjoy. If you wish to spend new year's eve with spectacular fireworks or enjoy drinks in a more solemn and traditional place, Asia is the right destination for you. Give yourself a treat as you can visit this top places to go as you welcome 2017.

1.  Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - This is one of the Asian countries which has been known for its Petronas Towers and as well as those spectacular towers and skyscrapers. This is definitely a good country to visit since they will always amaze each traveler with the amazing fireworks display. There are also luxe restaurants that you can choose to stay while having the best views of the fireworks backdrop.

2. Manila, Philippines - One of the countries in Asia where amazing sceneries are found. It is always evident that fireworks and other celebrations are all around the metropolis. Filipinos believe that the noisier the celebration, the most effective it is to have the best luck of the year.

3. Kuta, Bali - This is the central of Bali, Indonesia. One of the best things to enjoy this new year is partying and they had been known for that ever since. Partying starts at midnight and will go until the morning.

4. Chiang Mai, Thailand - Songkran is how the Thailand people call their new year's celebration. In this place, you will experience a 6-day partying at the northern city of Chiang Mai. Lots of foods and drinks are also offered in their luxurious restaurants.

5. Seoul, Korea - This is the city that definitely loves to party. It has lots of clubs and bars that you can choose from. Seoul is probably the largest party scene that you can visit in this place.