Planning the holidays is easy, from packing to making sure everything is right and managed. Though you could never be sure if everything will always go the right way, in some instances it could turn around and make things fall apart even cancelled.

Despite all of the unfortunate events that sometimes happen here are some precautions travelers could take with them during the holiday season. Here are some solutions and tips to avoid it.

Choose the right airline and the airport near the area. For the airports, Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Salt Lake City Airport and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport are three of the best airports to date that has a clean record for on time departures most of the time and for the airlines, Hawaiian, Alaskan Air, Delta and Virgin are some of the best carriers with good records on departures and safety according to Travel and Leisure.

Think about the best time to fly to avoid congestion of peak hours. Flying in early morning or after midnight can increase the chances of on time departures, however if you want to fly a little bit late in the afternoon then you will have to deal with airport traffic and security.

Track you the official airlines updates. download airline applications on your phone for a easy to go process on tracking time and schedule of changes.

Have the knowledge on how to rebook. If your flight is delayed or cancelled, try and call the airline before you get in line for the ticket agent in the airport. There are many other ways on how to rebook, one is through the internet to speed up the process which will allow passengers to find the right flights that will accomodate their wanted time.

If all fails, then be patient, relax and enjoy the holiday season and do not stress things too much. For more details about the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.