Flying has become more and more convenient in recent years, with the emergence of budget airlines and introduction of attractive travel promos. To make things even more convenient, there are apps that will not only help you decide on a destination, but will also suggest the lowest rates possible. 

1.       Hopper

Hopper lets users know when to best book their flight offering the best deals and the cheapest rates.

According to Techcrunch, the app's prediction engine analyze billions of data of tracked flight prices. From that statistics, it enables to recommend users when they should book their flights.

Hopper's calendar shows that the dates marked red are times when flights are expensive and green when it's the cheapest. It also gives notifications if flights got lower rates on a particular day.

2.       KAYAK

KAYAK helps users search and book for hotels, car rentals, or flights. To help user decide based on the views of other people, the app also shows description of the establishments and few reviews of consumers.

Users can book in advance or look for a spot on the last minute. Its Price Alerts and Price Forecast allow users to have a heads-up about cheapest deals and know when it is best book a flight.  

3.       Hitlist

Hitlist lets you choose what destinations you want to travel to. The app shows user pictures of places that they might want to visit and decide if they want to add it in their travel "bucket list".

This app is also in also partnered with Skyscanner which lets it tell its users when to book a flight depending on its cheapest rates, categorizing it to "good", "great", and "spectacular."

4.       Skyscanner

Just like the previous apps mentioned, Skyscanner allows users to find the best and cheapest flights. Now, with tons of new features, the app offers a more user-friendly interface with its color-coded calendar and timeline view.

Their hotel and car hire searches are automatically synchronized to the user's flights so they won't have to do the searching.

5.       Google Flights

Google Flights not only gives users information to book flight deals, it also suggests where users can travel next. Their "I'm feeling lucky" option lets Google Flights decide where you can have your travel based on your search history, according to Huffington Post.

The app also sends notifications when it is likely that flight rates will go up and suggest cheap rates for your trip.