Christmas has always been the best time of the year. People tend to stay home during cold winter holidays to warm up near the fireplace and enjoy a cup of cocoa. Others prefer to roam the streets with their famiies to see the different attractions and fireworks during the most awaited season of the year.

According to News Everyday, McAdenville, North Carolina offers the opportunity to spend the Christmas season in a unique way. Due to the Christmas spirit of the area the village name was changed to "Christmas Town USA." It is because of the thousands of lights that surround the village.

Another place to experience and celebrate Christmas is in Pennsylvania, Bernville wherein millions of light displays are seen where people flock to also get to visit the cottages and shops in the area. In the state of Utah there is a place called Ogden, it is a winter wonderland that is located in the middle of the town where people could ride on a free polar express train as a mode of transportation that passes through a dark tunnel with paintings partaining to the holiday season.

Here are tips on how to spend and decide the plans during the holiday season according to Huffington Post. One is never commit where and how your holidays will be spent a month before, second is always decide together as a family to where your destination will be during the holiday season to avoid any arguements that could be misleading. And third is always to ask advices on elders on how they spend the holiday season. This will help in the decision making process and unity without any arguements during the holiday season.

For those who can afford traveling to another country, it is suggested that a visit to Malta is a must. Another would be a trip to Spain, if you are into fun competition during the holidays since in Barcelona they have a swimming competition just across the harbor in Christmas Day. For more information about the latest news and current updates feel free to visit Travelers Today.