As the Christmas season comes around so is the City of New York as it celebrates the holiday season with a bang. Multiple attractions like the Big Christmas tree that is put up at the Rockefeller Center as well as the beautiful displays on well known Avenues around the streets.

With the attractions of New York City and the different of flavor it brings during the Christmas season is surely a great way to visit and see the city filled with bright lights that could warm up the hearts of people in the cold weather.

According to Travel and Leisure, millions of visitors come to the city to celebrate the coming of another year and the end of another. New York Times Square and Midtown of the city has always been the crowded part wherein people flock during the holiday season though if you are not the person that like to be in a crowded situation then there are still a lot of holiday celebrations located just outside Times Square.

One location wherein you can shop and not get into a crowded area is the Christmas markets across the city like the downtown vibe of the Union Square Holiday Market. Another would be the Brooklyn Flea Holiday Market which offers different kinds of vintage treasures locatd in Wiliamsburg, Brooklyn.

For the people who just wants to chill and enjoy the scenery of the city there are rooftops that offer that. Rooftops that offer heated installations to keep customers warm while overlooking the cityscape plus a wine on hand is a great way to chill and experience New York City. One place that offers this is the Empire Hotel which offers a chill filled ambiance with a fireplace to keep guests warm, delicious menus plus a view overlooking Lincoln Center is a good choice for a rooftop escape.

For the ones who would like to enjoy the ice, instead of the popular midtown choice which are the expensive ones, go on and head to downtown to the Rink at Brookfield Place. There you can enjoy the ice see the beautiful view of the Hudson River waterfront near the World Trade Center.

Lastly, the food, yes the food, there are plenty of choices when it comes to restaurants in New York though some are a little bit pricey and also crowded at the same time. One suggestion for people that want to escape the crowd is the Rolf's German Restaurant. For more details about the latest news and current events feel free to visit Travelers Today.