Speculations are circulating around that the upcoming new iPhone, which is the iPhone 8 is said to use a plastic screen as the main material on its display. Not only that, Apple will also establish a wireless charging unit and a 3D camera. This is a first in terms of smartphones.

According to iTech Post, Apple is planning to use a plastic screen for the upcoming premiere of iPhone 8. It wants to give a more sophisticated look to the product. The iPhone 8 is reported to have a curved screen design, which can compete with the new Samsung devices. As previously mentioned, the Galaxy S6 and the S7's unit design is on a curved screen pattern.

For the iPhone 8, Apple will establish a more unique look to its predecessors since it will consist of a plastic material and not the usual glass OLED version of the device. For Samsung, they will be supplying the curved OLED units to Apple.

Apple iPhone 8 will also throw away the idea of having a home button screen since it takes too much space of the whole screen. Without the home button, the device will be much larger. This might result in a bezel less display.

Since the home button will not be included in the iPhone 8, the touch ID finger print detector and scanner will be moved in the display of the device. This means it will be more spacious for the phone and elegant looking as well. This makes it easier for the user to enter in and out of the device without actually locating the home button.

According to Daily Mail, Apple will launch three new editions. One is the iPhone 8, who is the premium phone. It will have a curved screen design without the home button and the others would bear a resemblance to the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus respectively.

On the other hand, these are just speculations of what Apple could be implementing in their new set of smartphones. But so far, the rumors of Apple have always come to life from the first iPhone to the latest iPhone 7. For more details about the latest news and current updates, feel free to visit Travelers Today.