Winter season is about to end and definitely, this early 2017, people are about to welcome the hot and sizzling summer time. Before 2017 is about to give its kick off, it would be best if you can start planning for your summer destination next year. Definitely, there are lots of places to choose from. Make sure to make another story this summer by following these travel tips for another summer getaway.

1. Athens, Greece - This is one of the world's oldest city which has recorded an amazing history of 3,500 years. Definitely, Greece is on the top list as another summer destination for 2017. The Greek capital is constantly having urban renewal making its place more beautiful to stay. It has amazing sceneries, contemporary art galleries which display historical items, and of course, it lets you see the city's amazing past and present history through its place.

2. The Bahamas - If you wish to stay into another bright resort this summer 2017, consider The Bahamas as a top choice. June is an ideal month for you to visit the place. You will surely enjoy its mild weather and fresh air. It is good to know that there are lots of resorts to choose from which only offers you a lesser price. Paradise island is among the resorts which opens the year round.

3. Miami - Summer or not, Miami continues to draw tourists into its place. Europeans and South Americans are among the regular visitors of Miami. If you want a cool dipping into their resort, you only need to visit the famous Atlantic, Biscayne Bay. They can also offer you their clean and fresh infinity pool. Miami's beach also has an epic night life to enjoy during your stay.

4. Catalina Island, CA - It is a 22-mile helicopter trip or through a ferry. In this place you will find islands of paradoxes where you can also see buffalos roaming around it. This is the best place for both swimming and water adventure like snorkelling.

5. Amsterdam - When it comes to summer destinations, do not forget the Amsterdam. Summer has always been an ideal season in order to enjoy your stay in this country. Its grey skies, festivals and events are among the things that you should enjoy in this famous place.