The release of Apple's iPhone 7 was indeed the most awaited part of the year for most Apple fans, however, Apple once again brings out the excitement inside us because leaks have confirmed that the new iPhone 8 will bear glass front and back covers. Biel and Lens are likely to provide the all-glass back of the new iPhone in 2017.

Since the proposed iPhone 7s was criticized due to its similarity with the previous models and its lack of innovative features, Apple is now getting ready to win the interest of their prospect clients and their existing customers by bringing out the new design.

Here are the main impressions that are given by a source about the new iPhone 8:

The outer design will be a clear glass which is expected to be shatter resistant with a next-generation OLED screen. The next iPhone will also have higher apparent frame rate and polygon count than that of a PC. Having 600 engineers working on the 3D sensor from Primesense will surely change the smartphone industry.

Furthermore, sources said that the battery and antennas of the iPhone are to be hidden around the edges of the screen to fit in the pieces and the other chips are in a strip at the bottom of the phone. An analyst from Yuanta Investment Consulting, Vincent Chen, also added that the next generation of iPhone will include a wireless charging feature.

Are you ready for the big leap of technology? We do hope that Apple will make the biggest change in the smartphone industry, we better set our hopes up because hopefully, Apple won't cut our expectations short. Well, we have no choice but wait until next year for Apple to release the iPhone 8 to confirm the leaks. That aside, Apple is also expected to announce the new MacBook Pro laptops today on their live stream. Tune in to hear the latest news.