June 17, 2024 10:54 AM


How The Apple iPhone Changed Travel For The Past 10 Years

It is true that mobile phones have changed society more than anyone would ever think. Just like all machines, the mobile phone has made our lives easier and our works faster. It has transformed society in more ways than one that phones are now a big part of our daily lives, almost an extension of our being. Now that the iPhone has been in the market for a total of 10 years, it is a wonder how it has changed the world, particularly how people travel.


Travel Tips: Share Each Other’s Journey through the Travel Diary App Called 'Journi'

Journi is an offline travel journal that helps you create a story or mobile blog using the pictures in your smartphone.


Five Epic Travel Photographers of Instagram You Will Want To Follow

The Social media app Instagram is our modern world's "photo album", showcasing our best and most unforgettable moments through pictures and brief videos. Let's take a look at some of the best travel photographers on Instagram, providing us a glimpse of what we can do for our next vacation, or even how best to frame our next shot, even when we're not on vacation.


Do it on a Whym - Your Newest App Partner in Grabbing Budget Bookings

When traveling, it is usually always best to book all important tourist destinations way in advance, to make sure that you do not run our of tickets, or to get the early bird price. However, new ticket-booking app is about to become all last minute planners' newest best friend.


Hide Default Apps In iPhone Using This Simple Trick

There is a hack to keep these default apps away from view, and a video on how it's done is uploaded by a certain videosdebarraquito.


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