Amidst the hurdles on political issues and aviation crashes faced in 2016, the brand new year seems to be inviting individual adventurers, male, female, young professionals, freelance entrepreneurs alike. Remarkably, these days, people aim to travel in search of many worthwhile things, and not just to take a breather from work.

Huffington posted seven travel trends that will flourish in 2017. Part of those trends is that people will prefer to travel solo. Furthermore, individual travellers will act as their own travel agent using a wide array of information online.

Solo traveling is growing and there are many travel icons who inspire globetrotters to do so. For one, Rick Steves, started traveling alone at the age of 18 and went to travel to so many places in Europe. He funded his travel by teaching piano lessons. Now, he is a famous travel author, speaker, TV host and an entrepreneur.

Another inspiration to draw from is the Italian journalist, Danielle de Rosa. A year ago  she shared in a TED Talk about her motivation and experiences of traveling on her own. "Solo travelling, is such a wonderful and self-rewarding experience that makes you grow and feel stronger and more confident. I have spoken with women, who after a solo trip, felt as if they had climbed the Himalayas."

There are plenty of places to immerse in for solo travelling. RoughGuides recommends destinations like Ireland, Indonesia, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Croatia, and Australia. There are apps and tools that provide expedience and safety for solo travellers. Take a pick at using Airbnb, Google Flights, Foodspotting, Google Translate, Triposo,TripAdvisor, City Maps 2 Go, Couchsurfing and many more.

As the new year unfolds, gear up for your solo travel for next year. If it is your first time to do so, make careful planning and preparation. If you have done this before, dare yourself to have a more enriching experience.