If there is a country you want to visit without proper reasons, then Thailand is the place for you. Named as "The Land of Smiles", the place that never baffles and surpasses anybody's desire. This country is one of the hottest places to visit by tourists and solo travelers alike.

However, if doubts still fill your minds, then here are top five reasons why Thailand is the place to be during vacation courtesy of Huffington Post and Telegraph.

The Thai food tops the list of reasons why Thailand is the place to be during vacation. Their food is as fresh as can be, which are mostly spicy and there are so many dishes to try too whipped by their street vendors.

Great Adventures can be done here by walking through the world's prettiest lake in Udon Thani, Red Lotus Lake and a range of heavenly islands to choose from. Thailand also has a lot of great beaches to offer, white sands and aquamarine seas are truly sights to see.

Cheap Shopping is a must to do when in Thailand. Aside from budget-friendly food, Bangkok is also a shopper's paradise since there are clothes, bags, watches, and even cameras sold anywhere at a very low price. With the city's skilled tailors made-to-order clothes are also readily available.

The Country's Culture is all around Thailand. You can find Buddhist temples that are worth your visit. Since most of the country's population are Buddhists, you can even come across monks walking around. There are also numerous festivals in the country to immerse yourself in.

Low-Cost Travel is what Thailand is best known for. Luxury hotels and restaurants can be found all over the country but staying and eating with the locals are more "wallet-friendly" and can make your money last for a longer time.

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