Thailand's tourist visits are increasing and the country's tourism is indeed flourishing. Many people around the world are longing to visit Thailand and experience their culture and tradition. Being one of the major provider of affordable clothing, the country is also a popular shopping district among tourists.

Known as the "Land of Smiles", Thailand is truly an amazing country. Filled with wonderful people and places, there are many reasons to visit the country. Here are some of the reasons shared by Huffington Post and Telegraph on why tourists love Thailand.

1. Thai Street Food- Thai food is quite popular. It is filled with spices that bring out a great blend of flavors every tourist appreciates. From affordable soups to spicy crabmeats and rice, Thai street food is one of the best reasons to visit Thailand.

2. Luxury Hotels- Enjoy a breath-taking vacation by staying at Thailand's luxury hotels. There are many luxury hotels in the country that bring about its culture and at the same time provide comfort for its guests. Not only does the country have luxury hotels, but it also has available budget hotel accommodations.

3. Beaches and Islands- Thailand is surrounded by many islands and bodies of water. These islands and beautiful beaches enchants many tourists. Fun activities by the ocean awaits every tourist along with opportunities of stopping by the different islands of Thailand through riding a boat.

4. Wildlife- The country, Thailand, is also known for its animals. With awesome elephants, whale sharks, monkeys and bats, experiencing a close encounter with animals is possible in Thailand. Activities along with the animals such as riding the elephants and snorkeling with whale sharks are available in the country.

5. Budget rail trips- Explore the wonders of Thailand by riding a train at a very affordable price. See the natural settings of the country that are pleasing and blissful all throughout the train ride without spending too much on the transportation cost.