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Turtle That Ate Almost 1,000 Coins Died After Two Weeks From Surgery

Om Sin, or "Piggy Bank" the sea turtle has died due to blood poisoning after swallowing nearly 1,000 coins thrown by locals and tourists. The sea turtle has undergone two surgeries since March 6 with veterinarians removing about 11 pounds of coins all in all in Om Sin's stomach.


Two Bros Spend The Ultimate "Homiemoon" In Thailand As Their Friends Are Busy Getting Married

Two guys embark on a journey and spent a "homiemoon" trip to Thailand. The two best friends wanted to spend time together while their other friends are busy getting married.


'Holy Turtle' Ate Almost 1,000 Coins Thrown By Locals And Tourists

A town, Sri Racha, near the Gulf of Thailand, has a pond on which people, locals and tourists alike, tossed coins for a turtle that was believed to be holy and brought them luck. However, Om Sin the sea turtle suffered from eating almost 1,000 coins thrown into her pond.


Five Activities That Visitors Of Pai, Thailand Must Not Miss

If you're thinking of visiting Pai, Thailand, make sure that you plan out your activities well to make your stay memorable. Here are five activities that everyone must not miss when in Pai.


Edible Stage In Thailand’s Wonderfruit Festival Focuses Sustainability In Tourism

In line with celebrating Thailand's artistry and traditional rice farming culture, an edible stage will be built for the Wonderfruit Festival this weekend and visitors are guaranteed to have a taste of it. The brainchild of the project is Pete Phornprapha who aims to have art and culture to be communicated sustainability but in a way that excites people.


Learn More About The Country That Literally Can't Say No

Thailand is a country that literally never says "no." It really shows in their langauage that they don't have a word for it. The closest word for "no" would be mai chai but it really doesn't suffice. Mai chai means "not yes" which could mean anything.


Travel Tips: The Best Islands To Visit In Thailand If You Want To Avoid Big Crowds

Taking a break from work? Planning to travel to Thailand to unwind? Explore the best virgin and beautiful Islands in Thailand


Huge Numbers Of Tourists Causes Infrastructure Strain

According to the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Index, Thailand experiences pressure and strain on its infrastructure system, especially during this peak travel season.


Five Main Reasons To Visit The Thailand::'The Land Of Smiles'

Thailand's tourism is now developing and improving. Here are some of the reasons why Thailand is visited by many tourists all over the world.


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