When traveling to Thailand, the main purpose of many tourists is to visit the mainland to experience the culture and taste traditional cuisine it offers. In any way you want it, the islands offers only the best of both. For many tourists or visitors, a trip to the capital of thailand which is Bangkok with an island visit or two thereafter is the ideal balance of experience though it might not be just as satisfying as completing everything while your in the Island.

For the islands to visit in Thailand there are a lot although some are over populated with tourists that you really can't see and experience the real beauty of the land, there are still a lot of islands that are silent enough to relax and ready for exploration that will make you feel one with the island or should i say paradise. Here are some of best Thailand Islands that you would definitely love.

Ko Phayam. This island is a bit quiet than other Islands in the country. Here you can enjoy and chill with your family or friends in this beautiful island. According to News.com.au, expect virgin beaches, enjoyable walks through the forest, simple beach bungalows and a handful of high end resorts. An overnight bus from Bangkok to Ranong is the best way to get to the ferry terminal.

Ko Bulon Lae. If you want to get away from the crowd of tourists then this is the island for you to pick. The island is full of butterflies and bats, huge monitor lizards crossing your path, a real nice beach and colorful corals underneath it. Eat in simple restaurants and sleep in a bungalow on the beach.

Ko Bulon Lae is just a small island, and it will take you atleast 15 minutes to walk around. It's close to busy Ko Lipe and the nearest airports are Krabi and Phuket.

Ko Kho Khao. This is a huge island with long golden beaches all over, mangroves everywhere and grassy sand flats as well. You can ride elephants into the surf and rent motorbikes which is kind of fun, though it's all about the beach, the bungalows and the resort style lifestyle that makes it one of the best island in Thailand. Here families more often take a vacation or a trip in the island than tourist or backpackers. The nearest airport is Phuket which is just a few kilometers a away making it a good destination for tourist who want to get the island experience in a snap.

Ko Phra Thong. This island is very close to the mainland yet its not that crowded as the other beaches near the coast. Ko Phra Thong is partly surrounded by mangrove forests and features a wide range of savannah type grasslands in its center. According to The Telegraph, the island is also populated by deer, wild cats, hornbills, sea eagles, otters and snakes, if your into wildlife then this is the place for you to explore.

Shallow coral reefs off the coast are worth a try and to explore. There is a dive center on the island where you can have lessons on how to scuba dive and all. Two villages grace Ko Phra Tong's coast, both populated by indigenous sea nomads or what they call Moken.

The near-by, jungle covered Ko Ra Island is mountainous and unpopulated and part of a national park where you can explore if your an adventure junkie. Camping and day trips are possible in the area.

Moo Ko Surin National Park. This small archipelago in the Andaman sea is close to the Burmese border. The Islets are covered in evergreen forest populated by monkeys, birds, giant crabs and monitor lizards, while the surrounding coral reefs are one of the best in Thailand with regular sightings of turtles and reef sharks as well. Visitors can join snorkling trips to the reefs. For more about the best places to go in Thailand stay tuned to Travelers Today.