Thailand is one of the best places in the world to practice and learn the beauty of yoga, but not simply because of the abundance of beach backgrounds. A variety of stellar yoga teachers make it a point to visit Thailand frequently as its one of the best areas to practice and meditate.

A number of world-class instructors have even made Thailand their home for the sake of yoga practice. This guarantees that whenever you plan your trip to Thailand, be it high, low, rainy, dry, or cold season, there will be lots of workshops and retreats to choose from. Here are some of the best places in Chiang Mai to meditate and practice yoga.

 Mahasiddha. This yoga school is located in the old city of Chiang Mai and had daily schedules both yoga and tantra. Mahasiddha Yoga School also offers weekly workshops on various spiritual subjects or join their monthly retreats at the Amaravati Ashram Resort in beautiful Mae Rim.

Wise Living Yoga Academy. This yoga academy is based in the beautiful countryside of Chiang Mai which offers regular yoga teacher training programs, ranging from around 200 to 500 per hour courses. They are registered with the international Yoga Alliance and affiliated to The Yoga Institute of Santa Cruz, Mumbai which is the world's oldest yoga institution.

Wild Rose Yoga. Try to visit this place as it offers wonderful range of yoga classes daily from the best international teachers in the world. Once you enter Wild Rose Yoga Studio for sure you will feel embraced by the warm yoga instructors who call this special place home throughout the year.

Yoga Tree, This beautiful yoga location consists of two highly equipped yoga teaching class spaces.According to Trip Advisor, it is also the center of Chiang Mai Dance mandala and different dance communities all over.

Om Ganesha Yoga. This yoga teaching academy takes a different approach to yoga. They focus more on the therapeutic side of yoga and focus on the benefits it could lift to each and every person that practices this holisitc approach. All levels of classes are open and offered in a traditional Thai wooden sala set in a relaxing garden. For more of the latest news about Thailand and around the world stay tuned to Travelers Today.