Visit the busy streets of Chiang Mai, the largest city of Northern Thailand, and have a taste of their culture through food and delicacies. Here is a list of famous restaurants that best describes this city. 

1.       The Larder Bar and Café

The Larder is a multi-cuisine bar and café found in Nimmanahaemin area that serves breakfast, lunch, coffee and drinks. The place follows a modern take on serving food and is the best bar and cafe to have your first round of the morning because of its cozy atmosphere. If you're looking for a place to have brunch, this should be definitely on your list. 

2.       SP Chicken

SP Chicken is a grilling Thai Isaan restaurant that's popular with locals and tourists alike. Customers can see the restaurant's best seller chickens being roasted upside down through charcoal in front of them. The restaurant offers a variety of Thai and English dishes to cater for both the foreign and local customers.

3.       David's Kitchen

One of the finest restaurants in Chiang Mai, David's Kitchen offers a mixture of European, French, Thai, and fusions of the three. Located at Bamrungrad Road, Riverside, their daily three course menu frequently changes and their food service for the customers is excellent and high class. 

4.       The Gallery

The Gallery's neon sign complements its unique exterior of a run down façade of the establishment. The interior also offers a lot of artsy vibe because of the place's red vibrant lighting that is perfect for the evening. The Gallery usually starts the day at 12 midnight.

5.       Huen Phen Restaurant

Huen Phen offers authentic Thai food that best represents their country. Operating and serving food for more than four decades, they perfected Thai delicacies like the famous khao soi, which is a definite myust-try.