There is really no better way to get to know a country than to try its food. Here are some of the world's best countries that will give you a gastronomic treats that you must not miss when you're traveling on this side of the world. 

Filipino food is slowly making its way to the map, so a trip to the Philippines must definitely be considered when you're planning a trip to this side of the world. From the tender, fall-off-the-bone chicken and pork adobo to the delicious sizzling plate of sisig, from local eateries you'll have so many choices in the capital city of Manila alone.

The Vietnamese city of Hanoi is a definitely a must-visit--just ask Anthony Bourdain and US president Barack Obama, who recently shared bun cha (a famous Hanoi dish of pork, vermicelli, and herbs) over beer in an episode of Bourdain's Parts Unknown.

Thailand is never abent in lists like this one, but most recommendations only focus on the Bangkok. While the capital city is beautufil and has a wide array of some of the world's best street foods, one must check out miss what North Thailand has to offer. This more relaxed side of Thailand--particulary the city of Chiang Mai--is an entirely different exoerience altogether. The northern delicacies of khao soi (curry noodles), sai oua (northern thai sausage), and the famous northern Thai sausage must not be missed. 

Last but not least is a country that is slowly introducing itself to the world. Myanmar (Burma), which was under military rule for decades, is now gaining popularity for its beautiful temples, scenic lakes, and amazing food. Some of the things that must not be missed include the tea leaf salad made from fermented leaves, nuts, and greens; the rich Shan noodles, and the country's national dish-mohinga, made of rich fish broth and rice noodles.

"To make the dish, the sour, slightly bitter leaves are mixed by hand with shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, crunchy deep-fried beans, nuts and peas, a splash of garlic oil and pungent slices of chili and garlic," said Austin Bush about mohinga in an article for CNN.

Asia has some of the world's best and most complex dishes, having layers and layers of flavors originating from each country's rich history. If you plan to do some serious eating, these places definitely won't disappoint.