The Thailand Green Excellence Award UK is held each year to recognize individuals and organizations in tourism that help conserve the sustainability of Thailand's cultural and natural resources. Due to Thailand's abundance in natural resources, it is only right to preserve these resources and improve them through further development. According to Amazing Thailand and Wanderlust, here are the winners in the different categories of the Thailand Green Excellence Awards UK 2016.

The nature, marine and heritage tourism category, is an award given to an organization that showcases the best of Thailand's cultural and natural resources. According to the judges, the organization who won this award did a wonderful job through educating tourists and local children in the conservation of marine turtles. The winning foundation works hand in hand with Thailand's local communities and hotels.

Winner: Mai Khao Marine Turtle Foundation

The community based tourism category, is an award given to an organization that provides tourism in a way that benefits the local communities of Thailand. These benefits include preserving the way of life of the community. The environment and even the travellers will benefit through these organizations by the encouragement of preserving the environment and allowing travellers to be able to experience the local's way of life. According to the judges, the winner has been effectively bringing responsible tourists and helping in the preservation of the tradition and culture of the local communities. The winner has also been the previous winner in this category.

Winner: Andamam Discoveries

The Animal Welfare category, is an award given to organizations that protect and preserve animals. It is given to those that value the welfare of animals and allows them to live in a natural environment and be able to act in a normal behaviour. The winner has been taking good care of elephants through tourism. It has given a good value to elephants without it being ridden or deprived of its natural behaviour.

Winner: Elephant Hills

In the Outstanding Contribution to Green Tourism in Thailand category, the award is given to individuals or organization that was of big help in preserving the nature of Thailand by making Thailand a better place through their activities and projects. The winner contributed greatly through educating schoolchildren on how to handle their garbage and it also helped through cleaning lots of trash in Thai beaches.

Winner: Trash Hero

These organizations were nominated by Wanderlust and have been judged according to certain criterion. They have contributed a lot to the preservation of the country's resources and the local communities.