Either for environmental purposes or just the most practical way, commuting by public transportation is a significant part of almost everyone's day. Even with the advent of Smartphones and gadgets to keep people occupied and entertained while en route to their destinations, awful passenger behavior can still ruin another person's day.

Reports from News.com.au show the latest results of the annual Real Insurance Australian Commuter Survey. A number of a thousand people were asked about their biggest challenge going to and from their workplaces using public transportation and here are their top answers:

1. Loud Mouths are the people who take calls and/or talk to their companions without a care about their surroundings. In some cases, they are oblivious to the fact that everyone already knows the details of their conversation or they just feel like what they are talking about is so important that they do not mind annoying everyone on board.

2.  Germ Sharers Tare the beings who cause contagion in a closed space like trains, and pretty much most public vehicles. The fact that public utility vehicles are confined spaces and pose a factor in spreading germs, these commuters does not mind sneezing without covering their mouths or coughing.

3. Seat Hoggers Imagine during rush hour and their's a spot left, but this person lets their bag or luggage occupy the space. Worse, they pretend to not see the others struggling to fit in the limited space.

4. Groomers who is someone who is on the go, they put their make-up or groom their hair aboard the transport vehicle, which does not sit well with others because of the falling hair everywhere and sometimes the issue of limited space.

5. Chatty Strangers are the friendly and social people that take it upon themselves to strike up a conversation or small talk with a complete stranger they just so happened to sit beside to. While the gesture is nice, most people just want to commute in peace and enjoy a bit of a "me-time".

The results of the entire survey are summarized into an Infographic that aims not only to present the survey results but also teaches people productive ways and techniques on how to relax during the ride. Have you met and experienced one of these passengers? Share your experience below!